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Rod Hangers

Rod Hanger Load Chain Assembly LKV


The Rod Hanger Load Chain Assembly group connects components in the load chain with their counterparts, such as lugs, eye-plates and Pipe Clamp Stabil Form C LK.

Scope of delivery

Rod Hanger Load Chain Assembly LKV:
1 eye nut
1 threaded clevis with pin
1 turnbuckle
1 tie rod
3 Kontermuttern

The length of the upper threaded rod has to be determined and cut according to the overall suspension height required. In order to avoid unintentional rotation during assembly, the threaded clevis and turnbuckle components have to be locked off with 2no. hex nuts.


Preassemble the rod hanger components and connect to the Eye-Plate by means of the threaded clevis (push-through installation of pin to form complete rod hanger suspension from sub-structure). The turnbuckle enables adjustable height setting in the assembled state. In order to avoid unintentional rotation the threaded clevis, turnbuckle and eye nut have to be locked (3 hexagon nuts).

Technical Data

max. perm. tensile load
max. perm. tensile load
M10 2.52 11.2
M12 2.72 12.1
M16 3.15 14.0

The implementation and construction requirements of the components, their design as well as their verifications and load tests were carried out following the standards VGB R 510 L part I, KTA 3205.3 and DIN EN 13480-3.

combinable Type
Pipe Clamp C LK
LKV M10 22 - 89
LKV M12 22 - 89
LKV M16 115 - 324

Steel, HCP
LKV M100.880.410 113919
LKV M121.540.710 113920
LKV M163.091.410 113921