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Product Development

Sikla Modular Steelwork Systems are devised in a creative team and jointly developed by internal and external specialists. They meet the highest global standards of quality and offer customers increased productivity, safety and commercial advantage to their business.

Our products are manufactured by a highly capable OEM network, who satisfy the strict Sikla quality criteria. This makes it possible for our company to react quickly and flexibly to the demands of the market. 90% of our products are 'Made in Europe'. All Sikla products are distinguished by refined technology, high quality and their user-oriented design.

Product Ranges at a glance

Industrial Plant Construction

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A Brief History of Sikla’s Inventions

MI - Pressix 30

1995  |  Pressix CC 30

Sikla invent the first fast-assembly strut system

MI - Simotec

1998  |  Simotec

Sikla introduce the first modular steelwork support system for industrial / process piping

MI - Pressix CC 41

2005  |  Pressix CC 41

The fastest connection from strut to strut

MI - siFramo 80

2006  |  siFramo 80

The first modular steelwork box-section system without bolt-through connections. Maximum flexibility with thread forming screw technology.

MI - Pressix CC 27

2008  |  Pressix CC 27

Introduction of our fast-assembly 'mini-strut' system

MI - Rohrlager

2010  |  Advancement in pipe shoes

Modular adjustable-height pipe shoes with regulatory comliance - test certification

MI - siFramo neu

2014  |  siFramo - new dimensions

Expansion of the siFramo system range to accommodate heavier-duty applications