Together we build.


The Sikla Team is able to provide professional design and engineering assistance in detailed planning as well as tender / bid stages of a project.
Our services range from on-the-job product familiarity and supports design training, to independent planning or involvement of our business managers and engineers integrated within your project team offices.

Sikla siFramo services to the EPC

  • Standard detail / specification text templates and all conformance certifications to National or International requirements
  • Conventional steelwork supports specifications can be ‘translated’ into Sikla modular support solutions
  • Software plug-ins / CAD libraries to facilitate the detailed design phase

Sikla siFramo services to the Contractor

  • Bids based on Sikla systems can be priced and returned within 48 hours
  • CAD drawings can be secondarily provided as an installation aid to the teams, or to facilitate your ‘as built’ drawings
  • Creation of CAD drawings, part lists and schematic diagrams
  • Development of custom solutions, if the project-specific requirement cannot be achieved with standard products
  • Calculations for “as built” documentation when required. (PEng in Canada)
  • ...


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