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Technical Data

Our business managers and application engineers are happy to provide more detailed information - to answer your questions, or together with you to develop the supports using our proprietary planning software solutions.

Unless otherwise noted, all specifications apply to predominantly static loads at room temperature. The design loads are understood to be nominal and relate, unless stated otherwise, to the main load direction. The load introduction into the building must be checked on site by the customer.

Allowable loads (Fpermissible) describe the maximum exposure to external influences and are for the purposes of the security concept by Eurocode 3 (DIN EN 1993: 2010) to be understood as derived from characteristic values

When selecting the support components, compliance with the allowable load for each participating product must be observed. As is well known, the weakest link of the load combination on the overall structure is decisive.

Surface finishes of the support components are suitable for the following environmental conditions:

surface / material       
Corrosivity category
according to EN ISO 14713-1
Zinc-plated up to ≤ C1
HCP and HDG up to ≤ C4
Stainless-Steel up to ≤ C5

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