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Simotec – Off-the-shelf, adjustable height modular pipe shoes

  1. As for the modular steelwork support systems, our adjustable height pipe shoes under the brand name “Simotec”, follow the same principles of modular product design. With a standard pipe range up to 600NB (24”), the common modular components of each shoe base plate allow for an ‘upgrade’ to become a guide or fixed point by simply attaching the relevant bracket piece to the attaching Ibeam or siFramo steelwork.

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Detailed Engineering / Piping Design Integration

All modular steelwork support systems and pipe shoes can be fully implemented into the detailed engineering phase, allowing for accurate modelling / clash-check control and generation of BOM breakdowns. Plant design and modelling software plug-in tools are available for these complete ranges.


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Modular Steelwork Support System

siFramo 3D-Konstruktion

siFramo is a versatile modular steelwork support system for the construction of frames and supporting structures without the need for welded connections in either field-fit or fab-shop installations of the system. siFramo allows multidirectional connection possibilities without the need for through-bolts and back-plates. The box sections have a higher torsional resistance than conventional beam profiles but a significantly lower equivalent weight (lbs/foot).
siFramo sections are available in metric sizes:

  • 3 mm (11 gauge) - 80/30 and 80/80
  • 4 mm (8 gauge) - 100/100 and 100/160

siFramo connectors are assembled to the sections using thread forming screws, thereby offering a superior process-reliable vibration-proof fastening.  

One system - many advantages:

  • No welding to connect the system together. No hot works permits required.
  • Higher performances achievable relative to lower overall weight of steel
  • Maximum flexibility, minimum installation time
  • Modifications to the installation can be made quickly, with no need to fully disassemble the connecting component
  • Parts reusable. Minimal to zero waste
  • Compatible with primary steel structure or when fastening support to concrete
  • One thread-forming screw for all system component connections
  • System compliance with the quality requirements of ISO3834 / IIW
  • Plant design and modelling software plug-in tools available
  • Special coatings available for highest corrosion resistance requirements


Benefit from the advantages!

Investor / Owner

  • Clear cost and time transparency
  • Maximum design and installation productivity
  • Omission of high variation costs


  • Reduction of planning time
  • Modern planning software
  • Improved detailed engineering process flow


  • Reduction of assembly time
  • Reduction of lifting and handling equipment
  • Standard products available off the shelf
  • Comprehensive Sikla logistics
  • Complete package from a single source