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Pipe Shoes

Guiding Bracket FW F L/Z


Using this Guiding Bracket it's possible to guide Pipe Shoes with different plate thicknesses. The different versions of Type Z are suitable for the respective specified maximum plate thickness (t)and so additionally allow the absorption of lifting forces.

Scope of delivery

Delivery as set comprising 2 Guiding Brackets.


Installation on top of Beam Section TP F 80 repectively F 100 with 2 Self Forming Screws FLS F per Guiding Bracket, i.e. per set 4 Self Forming Screws have to be used altogether. You can find the Self Forming Screw in the siFramo chapters (section Siconnect).
Beim Typ Z ist ein Spiel von 3 mm in vertikaler z-Achse vorhanden. Bei allen Typen bitte 3 mm Spiel in horizontaler y-Achse gewährleisten.

Technical Data

perm. load Fy
perm. torque via Fy*
perm. load Fz
FW F 80, all Types Z 0.43 295 1.12
FW F 80, Type L 0.43 - -
FW F 100, all Types Z 0.43 295 1.44
FW F 100, Type L 0.43 - -

perm. load Fy
perm. torque via Fy*
perm. load Fz
FW F 80, all Types Z 1.9 0.4 5.0
FW F 80, Type L 1.9 - -
FW F 100, all Types Z 1.9 0.4 6.4
FW F 100, Type L 1.9 - -

* the torque is calculated by M = Fy x h, whereas the perm. load for Fy may not be exceeded. Dimension h refers from the middle of the pipe to the top of the base plate.
The perm. loads have been determined by load tests following DIN EN 13480-3 annex J.
The used Pipe Shoe has to be verified separately.

Steel, HCP

Approvals / Conformity

* passend für Sikla Loslager

FW F 80 Z 61/4"61.100.525 113628
FW F 80 Z 93/8"91.100.525 113629
FW F 80 Z 12 *1/2"121.100.525 113630
FW F 80 Z 155/8"151.100.525 113975
FW F 80 L--1.100.525 113627
FW F 100 Z 61/4"61.320.625 113632
FW F 100 Z 93/8"91.320.625 113633
FW F 100 Z 12 *1/2"121.320.625 113634
FW F 100 Z 155/8"151.320.625 113976
FW F 100 L--1.320.625 113631